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Dialysis machines are complex and require long term reliability of every component – it’s not as simple as switching flow on/off. Valves cannot cause flow variations that might upset the volumetric balance of dialysate solutions.  Our dialysis solenoid valves control the mixing of dialysate fluid and fluid removal from the patient. 

Dialysis Solenoid Valve Benefits:

  • 50 million switching cycles / 10 years (lifetime of a dialysis machine)
  • Bidirectional flow
  • 100% duty cycle @ 80°C ambient temperature
  • Wetted materials are capable with aggressive cleaning fluids and dialysate (i.e. EPDM/FKM seals and PPSU valve bodies). 
  • Custom Valves’ standard maintenance-free technology
  • ISO 10993 certified

Custom Dialysis Solenoid Valve Case Studies

Solenoid Valve Model SV0018
Dialysis Solenoid Valve Model SV0018

Improved dialysis valve design

A dialysis machine manufacturer required a high-quality, high-flow, maintenance-free valve in a compact envelope.

Custom Valves’ isolated solenoid valve technology with PTFE bellows provided the perfect solution.

space saving solenoid valve Manifold designs

The customer required a smaller solenoid valve for their dialysis machine. Custom Valves was able to integrate a single valve in the customer’s manifold to save not only space, but money by reducing the amount of silicone tubing needed and allowing components to be easily exchanged for easy maintenance. 

Dialysis Solenoid Valve Manifold
Dialysis Solenoid Valve Manifold
6 Bar Dialysis Solenoid Valve
6 Bar Dialysis Solenoid Valve

High Pressure Requirements

The typical pressure tightness for a dialysis valve is 3 bar. But since the water inlet pressure is higher than in the rest of the machine, this dialysis manufacturer required a special solenoid valve with a pressure tightness of 6 bar. Custom Valves rose to the challenge and designed a valve that met all customer requirements.


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