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Food grade solenoid valves and solenoid valve manifolds are used for many food handling applications, especially in beverage dispensing machines. Special requirements include food grade seals and valve body materials (316 SS) for unaltered beverage taste.

Food Grade Solenoid Valve Benefits:

  • Compact designs
  • FDA wetted materials compatible with aggressive cleaning fluids
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Up to 70°C ambient temperature
  • Exceptional reliability – 50 million switching cycles
  • Custom Valves’ maintenance-free technology
  • Customized solenoid valve assemblies
  • Compact food-grade solenoid valve manifold option for multiple dispensing same or isolated fluids
Food Grade Solenoid Valve Manifold
Food Grade Solenoid Valve Manifold

Food Grade Solenoid Valve Examples

Espresso Machine Dispensing Applications

Espresso Machines

Food grade solenoid valves for espresso machines on the market were not fulfilling this espresso machine manufacturer’s valve requirements for clean-in-place and long life. Custom Valves isolated technology with PTFE bellows is the perfect solenoid valve for their highly reliable espresso machine.

Wine Dispensing Machines

The customer needed a food grade solenoid valve that would not alter the taste of the wine. Custom Valves designed a new food grade valve with stainless steel valve body machined from a casting. This design, which is based off a dialysis solenoid valve design, provided the customer with a small 12 VDC valve with an airtight valve body that protected the integrity of the wine.

Wine Dispensing with Custom Valves
Beer Bottling

Beer Bottling Plant

Food grade solenoid valves for this beer bottling application needed to be food grade and highly reliable. Custom Valves isolated valve technology with a PTFE bellows was the perfect solution for this application.


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