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Solenoid Valves

What to consider when looking for a suitable high temperature chemical resistant solenoid valve

Media Your medium to be controlled influences which valve body material and which sealing materials must be used. Different materials have different chemical resistance. Valve body material Stainless steel: suitable for all kinds of chemicals and food-safe media. PPSU: suitable for all possible chemicals and food-safe media. Can be manufactured more rationally compared to stainless […]

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Benefits of Custom Valves vs. Standard Valves

Solenoid valves are very common in fluid handling equipment. However, getting the ideal chemical-resistant valve for an application can be challenging. At Custom Valves, our valve technology solves application challenges where traditional technology valves fall short. Media Separation & Life CUSTOM VALVES We use high precision manufactured PTFE bellows, high quality seals and special treated […]

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Espresso Machine Application

A small espresso machine manufacturer needed a solenoid valve for a new espresso machine that met the following project requirements.

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