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Espresso Machine Application


Customer Issue

A small espresso machine manufacturer needed a solenoid valve for a new espresso machine that met the following project requirements.

Project Requirements

  • Withstand temperatures up to 100°C (212°F)
  • Meet 5 bar system pressures
  • Materials that resist coffees oiliness and acidity properties while meeting high temperatures
  • Low cost

Custom Valve’s Solution

After testing, we found that Custom Valves’ standard dialysis valve was a perfect fit for the espresso machine. The valve’s wetted materials PPSU, PTFE, and FKM were able to meet the high-temperature requirements associated with making coffee, and that FKM seals would hold up against coffees’ oily properties.

Model SV0018

The Result

Despite low manufacturing volumes, Custom Valves was able to provide a low-cost solution for this small manufacturer that met all system requirements and exceeded customer expectations.